Have you ever walked into a room and felt the palpable energy of what just took place or what is taking place? You can feel the stress, angst, tension, or you can feel the excitement, love, and joy.

We leave energy behind. We put energy into everything we do. We use energy in all areas of life. Sometimes the energy feels good and does us good, sometimes it does not feel good and does not feel like it is doing us good.

Some people carry and leave funky energy behind wherever they go, others carry a light, happy energy and leave it wherever they go.

Our thoughts and behaviours can be influenced by the energy in a room and/or building. Even just being on certain land or in certain areas of this earth can have an impact on how we think, feel, and behave.

You get to decide how your energy is influenced and the impact it has.

When a space has clean and clear energy or good energy, people find they are more productive, happier, calmer, and just feel better.


Space clearing consists of using sound and textiles to diffuse, transmute, and dissolve “negative” energy, then replacing it with more of the energy you want to feel instead — love, light, joy, calm, and just plain good.

Whether you are buying, renting, or using a “new” house, office, or otherwise, it is important to have nice clean and clear energy within it. This way you are less likely to take on the energy of what was left behind.
It’s good to clear the energy from a space proactively. Spaces that are used frequently by many different people can start to feel scattered, heavy, even upsetting. If there are spaces that are specifically used for intense interactions, such as doctors offices or therapy offices, they could use to be cleared much more often.


$40 Consultation (This will go toward the total cost of the job.)
$100 per hour for the clearing process.

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