Here is what some clients have had to say:

“Melissa is one of the most profound healers I’ve worked with. She is an ocean of deep and meaningful information. The modalities that she chooses to work with are truly transformational. They get down to the root cause of why you do, think, react, act, be, etc. I had years of traditional therapy but I have found more healing with metaphysical, spiritual, energy and brain retraining techniques/modalities like Melissa offers. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone needing healing which as human beings doing the best that we can do on this earth plane, we all could use a dose of what Melissa has to offer. She is kind, patient, intelligent and professional.” ~N.B.

“… I see now the importance of this. Thanks for helping me see how I had been missing the joy of living!” ~D.B.

“Simply put, my work with Melissa was life-changing. I came to Melissa when I was in crisis mode, where regular therapy and psychiatry weren’t cutting it, and no matter how many doctors (and naturopaths!) I saw to help me with my life-long struggle with autoimmune disease, I wasn’t having any breakthroughs. Over the span of 6-months, I can honestly say my work with Melissa gave me my life back, and it’s a life filled with hope, peace, health, strength and love. I cannot be more grateful for Melissa, for her gift of healing, her passion, her openness, her authenticity, and her dedication. She is, without a doubt, the single most important factor in my journey towards health and healing, and I would recommend her in an instant.” ~A.C.

“Where do I begin?! I feel so blessed that I was introduced to Melissa. Working with her truly changed my WORLD! Her beautiful energy, her skill set, intuition, training and techniques, and her kindness create an environment that makes a break through possible. I had been attending therapy on and off for over a decade and kept hitting the same road blocks, same patterns, same programs kept popping up. I never felt like I was given the tools to break through these road blocks until I met Melissa. She was committed to helping me become more self-aware and fully work through what was stopping me from having the life I always wanted and the relationship with myself and others that I desired. She guided me in discovering and shifting the sub conscious and even unconscious beliefs I had about myself. I was committed to being open and receptive – I chose a mindset of acceptance – I was ready to move forward. I can say with 100% honesty that after my sessions with Melissa many things in my world shifted in a positive way and I felt whole again. I will forever be grateful for the time I spent with Melissa and I am SURE my family would say that they are grateful as well. I would highly recommend her to ANYONE looking for a change in approach, a personal break through, personal growth and positive change.” ~A.A.

“Melissa is a driven, highly qualified person in her field. After a few sessions, I was able to handle situations better, my relationships are stronger and happier, my work life has thrived and all around – I feel that I am getting out of life what I want and how I want it to be. I would suggest anyone and everyone to go see Melissa, she will change your life.” ~T.Q.

“My experience with Melissa has been transformative for me resulting in truly positive outcomes for many of the issues I sought assistance with. Melissa wastes no time in digging in to your behaviors that may need re-thinking, repositioning or a different outlook. I am a bigger man, much changed for the positive, and equipped with new skills that help me me weave through my hectic life assuredly, emphatically and confidently. I recommend Melissa to everyone and will continue to do so.” ~R.P.

“Melissa Reese is a life coach/hypnotherapist who came highly recommended by friends of mine. At the time, I was struggling with issues that were creating roadblocks for me. I had been unable to find a way to move past these issues so they continued to prevent me from fully moving forward in my life. I needed to find a way around all of it. During my session, Melissa gently guided me through the process required to remove those problems and create a new path for me to follow. Her sensitive yet professional approach made it easy to do.  With her help I absolutely felt transformed and able to function on a different, more productive and positive level. I highly, happily recommend Melissa Reese.”  ~P.Z.

“Melissa… You are a phenomenal hypnotherapist! Thanks for everything!” ~C.M.

“The session was awesome.  The wording, perfect.  Truly amazing and healing.” ~C.A.

“I appreciated Melissa’s strength and her not being rattled by, I’m guessing a pretty typical session. Thanks.” ~R.R.

“Hmmm…. how would I sum up and describe the hypno session Melissa Reese just did for me?
Melissa: ” 1…open your eyes. How do you feel?”
Me: “i feel…. like…..glittery inside” 🙂
I’ve done layers and layers of healing for all sorts of things, but that session just got to my core and connected me. ”  ~J.A.

“I felt very comfortable and relaxed with Melissa’s session and she did an excellent job at making me feel more calm.  I definitely feel better afterward.” ~C.V.

“Did a very good job of the deepening.  I felt very relaxed and like I almost fell asleep.  Melissa was very professional and insightful.” ~C.M.

“Loved it.  Overall great experience and liked that you had your own style.” ~M.P.

“Thanks a lot, I feel relaxed.” ~R.J.

Legal Disclaimer: “The services I render are held out to the public as self-help techniques, defined as the use of Hypnosis, NLP, and Coaching, to encourage the implementation of positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis, self-care, and emotional well-being. I do not represent my services as any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law I may make no health benefit claims for my services.”

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