My Why.

I want to live in a world filled with more LOVE. LOVE is true and it creates the beauty, happiness, peace and joy we all seek. I want people to know LOVE, to experience LOVE, and feel LOVE. I want people to understand how much more powerful LOVE is than fear. I want LOVE to be the default more often. I want LOVE to always triumph over fear.



“Create the best version of you!”

I encourage and help people in the pursuit of CREATING the life they desire to achieve by assisting them in transforming their perceived blocks and barriers into stepping stones. NLP, Hypnosis, Psych-K, and energy, allow and create awareness and flexibility in a potent and powerful way so that anyone is able to change or shift their life positively.  People find their own knowings and strengths so they are fully equipped to heal themselves; mind, body, and soul.  Each person’s depth of healing is up to them.  

I continue to study the art of healing, it is an integrated daily practice. My mission, as a practitioner, has always been to learn and grow, and to create positive, permanent change in my life. My passion is to then utilize that experience and knowledge in a practice that encourages the pursuit of inner peace and strength with my clients. This pursuit empowers those willing to embark on the wonderful possibility, enabling those pursuers to stand in their power gracefully and create the best version of themselves. I believe we each have the tools to heal ourselves and we must first get out of our own way to be able to access and fully utilize them.

Life is about choices, and the great thing is, we get to make them! ~M.R.

A single water drop can create a ripple effect, that effect can create a wonderful effect. ~M.R.

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