Beyond Energy

Energetic healing combined with mental/emotional techniques to really work through your sh*t! You get rid of baggage on a mental and cellular level. This is the epitome of the mind-body connection with spirit/soul included. (No religion or spirituality needed, but welcomed if that’s the route you feel guided by.)

I utilize energy combined with NLP to work directly with your pineal gland, heart and soul.

Every civilization that has ever existed has referred to the pineal gland, either in writing, statues, pictures, and/or money. The pineal gland is also known as the “third eye.” It is thought that our pineal gland is a window to the Universe or creation. It is all-knowing of something greater/bigger than us.

The Heart Math Institute does many studies on the heart. They have found that our heart is the first place we receive information. This is what gives us that ‘gut feeling.’ Our heart receives information up to 5 miles away. We get our info to our heart first, then our gut lights up in response, and then that information is sent to the brain. Our brain is like the chemist, it releases thoughts and ideas along with various chemicals based on the interaction. Our heart sends more signals to the brain than our brain sends to our heart.

So, the best way to get some really deep healing done is to have your pineal gland and heart in direct communication with one another. This technique allows you the opportunity to connect deeply, communicate openly, and gain ultimate clarity and healing.

You get the opportunity to search deep within yourself to find areas that could use to be cleared and healed from the past: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This is your opportunity to really do some “house cleaning” — let go of stress, let go of past hurt, pain, and grief. This work allows you to get yourself into a place of really being able to create the best now and future you could imagine.

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