050F338E-3D03-4E26-9D59-2C6FE5A1D4F4Melissa Reese is a Holistic Practitioner, teacher, author, and speaker. She has a BA in Psychology from ASU and post education from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, The Empowerment Partnership, and other training programs. She is a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psych-K practitioner, Life Coach, and Jikiden Reiki specialist. She has over 1,800 hours of training. Melissa is the founder of the National Day of Forgiveness and the author of three books: The Pursuit of Forgiveness 2.0: Unlocking Pragmatic Forgiveness, The Pursuit of More , and The Pursuit of Transformation (accompanies the first two books).

She started her journey in the healing arts as an observer, watching her mom and dad transform their lives in a matter of ten days. Then, she became a client. Melissa started mainly with Hypnotherapy, and then NLP, Reiki, Acupuncture, and herbs. The work she did as a client profoundly helped her transform her life in a very short period of time. She learned how to clear her anger, communicate more efficiently and effectively, and she learned how self-care and self-work is imperative to implement as a regular part of life. Melissa also learned how be less judgmental and more open and curious to what life and people have to offer. She has learned that pragmatic forgiveness and LOVE are at the crux of any and all healing that can take place. She was so impressed with the improvement and transformation accomplished in such a short time that she decided to pursue this field as a career.

Utilizing the tools and techniques that NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Jikiden Reiki, naturopathic medicine, and other modalities, she has been able to heal herself of auto-immune issues and other chronic illness. She has learned how to have and invite in healthier relationships and establish very important boundaries that support her life and well-being.

Her mission has always been to learn and grow as a person and a practitioner and create positive, permanent change in her life. Her passion is to then utilize that experience, knowledge and wisdom in a practice that encourages and helps to empower others to stand in their power gracefully, creating the best version of themselves.

Melissa helps people break-through and clear their “crap” (mental and emotional baggage) so that they can pursue what has seemed out of reach and experience freedom, joy, happiness, and LOVE more deeply and more often.

She believes we each have the tools to heal ourselves and we must first get out of our own way to be able to access and fully utilize them. She encourages and helps people to CREATE the life they desire to achieve by assisting them in transforming their perceived blocks and barriers and turn them into stepping stones. Within the pursuit lies the journey and within the journey lies the answers. We only have one journey and many pursuits.

Melissa loves the path that she is on and her goal is to help people who want to positively change their life, whether it be big or small.


*Click to go to her YouTube channel. Find out more about her and her practice.

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