Mental and emotional pressure is an illusion we all buy into at some point. It’s not really real. No one can pressure us without our permission. Pressure is about responsibility and obligation, but not to yourself, only to others. Pressure is inauthentic–experiencing it means you are grappling with presenting your authenticity, Truth (inner knowing), expertise, or the need/want to impress. Experiencing pressure is a symptom of needing or wanting to please others, impress others, do something you are very uncomfortable and unsure about, or trying to create an illusion of perfection, total competency, and ease (among the chaos that’s really going on internally). If you “come as you are,” truly and deeply love who you are, steadfastly stand by your Truth, and are not distracted by what others think you are or need you to be, there’s no pressure.

Pressure is an external force that we either choose to internalize or not. The pressure to perform, do well, please others, conform, make things right, win, or anything else is a wavering within self about self, and possible indicator that the abandonment of self is near. Pressure is experienced when we strive to meet the expectations of all, many or even only a few. Pressure is experienced when you feel the need to meet others expectations of you or perform in such a way that you gain acceptance and/or approval. You accept those expectations and then expect yourself to accommodate at 100%.

It’s only pressure if you feel a responsibility for and to others and need to please others over yourself. You only experience pressure if there is an underlying feeling of inadequacy and/or the notion that you’re not capable of delivering what you think is expected or staying on the pedestal you were placed on. Pressure is all about others, void of self.

Experiencing pressure is about the tug-of-war happening within you to simultaneously meet your needs and the needs of others; but the tug is pulling more in the direction of others. Pressure is wavering in your dedication to self, honoring self, respecting self. Pressure is experienced when the influence of others overshadows and infiltrates your confidence in your abilities as well as your True responsibilities. You can only ever be responsible to and for yourself.

When you are truly in alignment and integrity with yourself, you enter a space where you know that you are existing, being, and doing the very best that you can for that given moment, you never experience pressure–you only deeply love and accept yourself. You know that you are doing what you can do, when you can, and how you can. Within the connection to LOVE and the alignment of self, you know deeply that you will never be able to please everyone and possibly not anyone. You do things simply out of LOVE, for LOVE, and for the greater good because you feel purposeful in doing it and it brings meaning to your life—it’s a huge bonus when you’ve been made aware that it brings meaning to others lives, but that is not your sole/soul purpose for doing or being anything.

Release the pressure by living from your inside out. Live from your Truth and always only show up as you (void of needing to be something or someone else.) Release the pressure by fully, deeply, and truly LOVING yourself. Release the pressure by doing all things with LOVE and being intentional for your greater purpose, meaning, and fulfillment for the sake of your soul. Share with others, do with others, be with others, not for recognition or obligation, but for the sake of offering possibility, opportunity, food for thought, wisdom, and simply to share LOVE.

By Melissa Reese
The Pursuit Guru

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