Is your inner-peace non-negotiable? What boundaries are you willing to set? How are you willing to use your voice? What is your inner-peace worth?

Inner-peace is for the courageous and brave. To have and experience true inner-peace means that you are aligned with who you are. You know yourself deeply and truly. Having and experiencing inner-peace means that you LOVE yourself wholly, deeply, and truly. It means you are a person of your word. It means that you are a person that questions things, lovingly, and you stay open and curious to all information. It means that you know when something is deeply true or untrue for you, and you are comfortable with refuting it with LOVE. It means that no matter what is said by anyone about anything, you find the thread of truth to pull at for yourself without denying another person their truth. It means that you experience an array of varying emotions and most of all you allow yourself to fully experience and express the difficult ones and know that you are moving through them by acknowledging them and freeing them. It means that your emotions don’t over-take you and/or derail you.

Having and experiencing inner-peace means that you don’t abdicate your power to others and experiences. It means that you reside in a space of LOVE and freedom. You are the fullest and truest expression of yourself–you show up knowing who you are, what you need, and how to create the life you desire–and you live in your creation with gratitude and LOVE. You shine, void of trying to be brighter than anyone else, and you never dim because to abandon or shrink yourself is not an option. Trying to dim or shrink another’s light is also not an option–there is no desire. Inner-peace means that any momentary discomfort you feel is an opportunity to know yourself and your needs more clearly and deeply and then show up for yourself in your time of need. Inner-peace means that you are not only okay with who you are, you are 100 percent delighted with you are and feel deep gratitude for getting to be you–uniqueness and all. It means that the relationships that you keep and engage with are fulfilling, nurturing, uplifting, inspiring, motivating, respectful, and loving.

Negotiating your inner-peace means that you say ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’ and vice versa. It means that you adhere to obligation rather than commitment. It means you allow yourself to get sucked into a arguments. It means you dim your light and shrink yourself for others or because of others. It means that other people decide, dictate, and navigate your successes, happiness, joy, worth, worthiness, validation, emotions, and view of yourself, your world and the world around you. It means that the relationships you keep are draining, unfulfilling, tumultuous, and possibly even dangerous.

You disrupt your inner-peace when you give in to others, illness, and disease. Quit with the people pleasing. Quit with identifying as the illness or disease you are experiencing and realize that it’s something you navigate, it doesn’t navigate you. Notice what is a disrupter for you and your inner-peace–either transform it or excuse it.

Are you willing to negotiate or abdicate your inner-peace?

If you are not the one calling the shots in your life about how you feel, think, believe, and behave, who is or what is?

Are you willing to do the work it takes to achieve and keep inner-peace?


By Melissa Reese

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