We’ve all heard that saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Well, sometimes you can’t even lead the horse to the water, let alone make it drink. You may not even be able to get close to it, and if you do, the horse takes one look at you, or doesn’t look at you, and then gallops in the opposite direction. You don’t know the reason, but that horse is long gone, with only a dusty-wake to prove there was even something there just a moment ago.

Maybe you see that horse again, maybe you don’t. Maybe you see that horse drinking water way down stream. Maybe you walk with the horse at a later date to get said water. Maybe you see that horse dead in the middle of the field or rotting near the stream. Yes, I went there. Not a pretty sight to visualize from words, but I’m sure you painted a picture pretty quickly in your mind while reading. The visual you formed is going to be very different than the visual another reader will create. The reasons that quickly came into your mind of why you can’t lead the horse, or why it ran away, or why it’s drinking in a different area, or why it’s dead are assumptions, conjecture, and totally made up. They are your reasons, they are your feelings, they are your thoughts, and they are your reaction. Unless the horse said “I am leaving now, and I am leaving for this reason,” or “I don’t like this area and I don’t like that water,” then you really don’t know with any certainty why. Also, there is always the possibility the horse could’ve been lying; no way to know for sure, ever.

The original saying is a metaphor. The expansion of the saying is even more metaphorical. There are so many ways to interpret those words. That little “story” will mean something very different to each individual.

Think about all the thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions that were elicited and came up for you while reading what you just read about the horse. Read it again, this time really pay attention, if you didn’t closely enough before, to your experience. Pay attention to the visuals, the thoughts, the emotions, the tastes, the smells, the sounds, the unspeakable, the undefinable, and anything else.

Did any one person or people pop into your head?

Who and what did you experience? Any ah-hahs?

Who is it that you are wanting for? Who are you wanting a different path for? Who are you wishing would “see” [the light]?

We can’t make people do things or understand things. We can’t know everything. We can’t understand everything. We can’t save everyone and everything. We can only offer. Then, we must respect, regard, and honor, another’s decision/path/journey. Sometimes we love together. Sometimes we have to love from afar. Sometimes we have to let go with peace and not remember.

We are so attached to this human form we are in. We see the sadness, the pain, the grief, the ugly, the fear, the death. We cling to the skin and bone forgetting there is a whole other part to us, our spirit. We are so hung up on the human form that we forget to honor the energy within and the freedom it is allowed to experience, “should” experience, could experience, and definitely gets to experience without skin and bone attached. We separate ourselves, forgetting about this peaceful, joyful, beautiful, strong, unique, and loving energy that is temporarily experiencing the human form. When we remember that, we remember everything. We free our human form. We live with more gratitude, happiness, and enjoyment. We experience all we feel and see each emotion as healthy, powerful, meaningful, and momentary.

We drink. We allow others to drink, if they wish. We drink together. We drink apart. We don’t drink at all. We drink too much. We drink to drink. We drink to nourish. We drink to enjoy.

By Melissa Reese, The Pursuit Guru

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