Sometimes we are unkind for the sake of being accepted and fitting in. We are unkind to ourselves and others. We mold, twist and turn ourselves to become whatever it is we need to “fit in.” This seems very counter-intuitive and counter-productive. We allow our fear to overshadow our light and our truth. We turn our soul’s voice off when we do this. We must be able to hear and listen. Fitting in is not belonging. Belonging only requires showing up as a beacon of truth to who you are and those around you see it, know it, feel it, and accept it all–the true you. When your out of alignment with the true you, you will be notified.

Our mind and body (our heart and head) send us a warning, yet many choose to ignore, override, and dismiss this warning. Even scarier is when some are not even aware of this warning. I would say few people are so disconnected from themselves that they fit into the sociopath or psychopath arena. I believe many are simply disassociated with themselves.

Disassociation can be a simple issue to solve, may not be easy, but the processes themselves are simple. It comes down to a matter of want. To what level, to what degree do you want to change, be different, and do different? Are you even able to check in with yourself to know how aligned and congruent you are in all areas of life? Only when you know “better” can you do/be “better.” What could be better in your life? How could you benefit by certain areas being better? How could bettering your life improve your life around you?

You can only experience true acceptance when you are in full acceptance of yourself first. This means you are congruent and in alignment with your words, your actions, and expressing your emotions and feelings. This does not mean you are perfect or ‘execute’ the above mentioned perfectly. It means that you do your best and allow yourself to recognize and change what you feel may be incongruity or out of alignment.

You really are the only one in charge of improving your life. Being better. Doing better. feeling better. You can only be responsible for yourself. I believe you have a responsibility to learn and grow, especially when you are aware that there is an opportunity. It is irresponsible to ignore, push away, or override warnings that your body and mind give you. It is a choice to be happy and joyful. The more happiness and joy you choose to create and experience, the kinder you can be to yourself and others, and you will experience even more kindness and acceptance in return.

So, generate happiness, joy, and acceptance for yourself by associating with your mind, body, and soul. Listen and become aware, do the work and you’ll find that you fit in better to all the areas of life that truly and really matter. You will fit in to YOUR life and you’ll find that you will value and bring more kindness and acceptance all around you.

It’s a matter of choosing where, what, and how YOU want to belong, not just “fit in.” Do and be what you want more of in YOUR life.

By Melissa Reese

If you’d like help in the pursuit of this, I can help you navigate.

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