“God.” I’m not talking about Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, or God. I’m talking about all that resides behind and beyond those titles. “God” is not the Bible, Koran, Tanakh, or any other Holy Book. “God” is not the church “God” is not the pastor, priest, rabbi, or temple leader… All of those things are culture and community, with some dogma, ideology, and philosophy. Having a connection with your culture and community is important and even more important than that is having an actual relationship with “God” which goes beyond any holy book/script, it goes beyond the church, it goes beyond the clergy, it goes beyond religion. It’s about a spiritual connection and an actual relationship that includes communication, emotion, as well as give-and-take with “God.” It requires the utmost vulnerability, the utmost openness, and the utmost ability to listen. If you don’t know that “God” is in you or you can’t find “God” within you, then you truly do not have “God” in your life, you only have religion, you only have Dogma, you only have ideology and philosophy.

To know that “God” is within you, to be aware of “God” within you is what allows you to see and know “God” in everything around you. It allows you to have more of a connection to and with everything around you. You must associate with the “God” within you first. You must have a relationship with “God” within yourself in order to know and really see “God” and understand how “God” is working all around you from within you. “God” is not what creates the turmoil “God” is not what allows all of these bad things to happen… It is us, the human, in physical form, and it is the lack of associating with, seeing, and knowing “God” within us. It is a lack of allowing “God” to work through us that creates all of the injustices, that creates all of the illness and the disease. We as humans create exactly what it is that we find frustrating, saddening, unbearable, and painful. It is not a lack of religion it is a lack of spirituality. It is an imbalance in the physical and energetic. It is a lack of relationship. It is a lack of understanding, knowing, seeing and living ‘connectedness.’ It is a lack of living “God.” It is a lack of allowing the “God” within each of us to be acknowledged, known and utilized.

Religion without “God” is what causes separation. Religion without “God” is what causes turmoil. Religion without “God” is what causes hate, segregation and seeing others as different or wrong. “God” is an energy. Not to he, not a she, an energy, a vibration. It is an energy that encompasses absolute love, respect, mercy, joy, happiness, forgiveness, health, well-being, hope, and ‘connectedness.’ This energy can only be truly ignited and utilized for the purpose of healing when we recognize it and connect with it within ourselves. Once we connect with it within ourselves we are able to share that with others, we are able to see that within others, and the world around us.

If you don’t like using the word God/Allah/Buddha/Christ/Muhammad absolutely replace it. Replace it with Spirit, Divine, Life Source Energy, Life Force Energy, Loving Healing White Light, The Universe, Source, Creator, Creation, Source Field, etc. All of those words are really interchangeable, but many feel uncomfortable utilizing just any of them because of their interpretation of the word. Whatever word you use does not define what “God” is. It simply defines your interpretation of “God.” However you decide to interpret “God,” just know that that interpretation is a part of you and you a part of it.

So, how do you want to interpret “God?” Love or fear? Inclusive or divisional? Accepting or judgmental? Happy and joyful or sad and hurtful? You reflect the “God” that you believe is either in you or not.

by Melissa Reese

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