How did we get to this place of spewing hate and shame from behind a veil? How did we get to a place that we feel that it is okay to shame people with total disregard for who they are, what happened in their life, and completely disregard that everybody has their own shit to deal with on a daily basis. How did we get to this place of igniting the embers of segregation to flame? How is it that the color of a person’s skin matters so much? How is it that the gender of a person matters so much? When did it become okay to project and spew our own shortcomings, “disillusionments,” sadness, anger, fears, and “guilts” only to have have others pay the price? How did we get to this place where it’s okay to throw cigarette butts and trash randomly, all over, on to this Earth that allows us life? How did we get to a place that we think it’s okay to destroy a place that we call home? How did we get so far away from choosing food and what grows on this Earth as our way to health and well-being? How have we moved so far away from community and culture? How have we each gotten so far away from acknowledging that spark of the divine within each of us, noticing that spark of life force energy that is part of the creation of all life? How do we not understand the amount of power that resides within us, this power that allows us to heal ourselves and play a role in helping others to heal as well?

It seems everyday we find a new way to destroy each others hearts, to destroy this earth that we live on, and to distract us from the deep down pain that we somehow can not seem to cope with, deal with, or find a healthy solution for managing. Instead we project this out into the world and on to others. We have become a society of greed, we have become a society of “drones” and “zombies.” We have become a “now” society, but lacking BEING and truly LIVING in the present. It seems that most are just existing, as they exist they do whatever they can, by any means necessary to continuing just existing. What significance does just existing have? What does just existing bring to anyone’s future? How does just existing accomplish anything? Just existing, I believe, is a result of being in a constant sympathetic (“flight, fight, or freeze”) mode. This sympathetic mode only lends stress and depletion to our minds and bodies. Our society, and world, could use to learn how to BE in the parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) mode. A reverence for the past and future can lend a significant and influential platform for creating more patience in the “now” and allowing the present to flourish.

It seems that we have forgotten what patience means what patience can accomplish, as well as how to incorporate patience in our lives. We want the next newest thing now, we want a pill to change whatever is happening now, we want a store or item or anything to be available right now. This lack of patience has rippled into a lack of awareness and empathy. It has rippled into a lack of acknowledging the present for what the past and future offer the “now” and for how the past and future really impact the “now.” Even though “now” seems like you’re living in the present moment there is no forethought, there is no hindsight, and there is no patience. “Now” is the void, is also the state of overwhelm and disassociation. To truly live in the present moment takes hindsight, foresight and patience in order for the “now” to be the present and for it to have an impact in a wonderful way. Hindsight and foresight are what allow somebody to LIVE in the now and present, to BE in the now and present, not to just simply exist in the now with the void of presence. Existing and truly living life are two very different things. You can not just go through the motions, just going through the motions is living in the void. Without hindsight, without foresight, and without patience, the “now” can be harmful, dangerous, and detrimental, void of present thought and the heart’s intention, and filled only with “now’s desire.” Even without hindsight, foresight, and patience a decision in the “now” still makes a huge impact to a significant degree, and that degree will be what is questioned so deeply in the future. It will seem as though there are no answers in the future moment or moments or that there were no answers in the past, yet they are always present. Each decision we make and each action we take does affect our life and it also greatly affects life around us. We are each so significant and play a bigger role than I think we each realize.

Haste does in fact make waste. We are a society in a constant mode of movement and it seems as though panic, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty have made a home within this constant movement. Those are the emotions that are being navigated around, over, and under, but not through. As I mentioned before, “now” is the void and it is the state of overwhelm or disassociation. Being in this state, people tend to make decisions in the “now” without hindsight, foresight, and patience. By doing this it will forever leave the future left wanting, left reaching, confused, constantly perplexed, even angry and hurt. When decisions are made with hindsight, foresight, and patience they tend to lend a better future as well as a path that is easier to navigate get through.

Are the decisions you are making beneficial to you and your world around you? Are the decisions you are making now having a beneficial impact in your future? How do you know if they are? What coping skills and tools do you have? Could you use new ones?


by Melissa Reese

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