Transform Your Life

I am a Holistic Practitioner with over 11 years of experience. I utilize NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Break Through Coaching, and Energy work.

The work I do helps to equip people with the necessary tools, processes, and healthy coping mechanisms to overcome stress, overwhelm, feeling stuck, trauma, phobias, anger, fear, hurt, grief, anxiety, feelings of depression, and more. The techniques that I use are designed to work with a client at the level where they are comfortable and to get to the root of where the problem resides. Clients get to experience results after just one two-hour session and many feel the work they came to do is complete after 4 sessions. My goal is to teach and empower clients to continue the work on their own for continued healing, exponential growth, and success.


Testimonial: “Melissa is a driven, highly qualified person in her field. After a few sessions, I was able to handle situations better, my relationships are stronger and happier, my work life has thrived and all around – I feel that I am getting out of life what I want and how I want it to be. I would suggest anyone and everyone to go see Melissa, she will change your life.”


My Why

I want to live in a world filled with more LOVE. LOVE is true and it creates the beauty, happiness, peace and joy we all seek. I want people to know LOVE, to experience LOVE, and feel LOVE. I want people to understand how much more powerful LOVE is than fear, anger, and hurt. I want LOVE to be the default more often. I want LOVE to always triumph over fear and anger.